Gaming Non-Slip Keycaps for VK300 & VK310

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  • 《High-Class Gaming Device Series "ELECOM GAMING V CUSTOM"》 "ELECOM GAMING V custom" is ELECOM's new high-class gaming device series. From the professional level to the entry level, it is a "winning device" that meets the needs of each individual, taking into consideration not only numerical performance but also sensory usability.
  • 《Compatibility》 NON-SLIP KEYCAPS for the VK200, VK300, VK210, and VK310 series, a gaming keyboard optimized for fast finger movements in gun shooting games (FPS).
  • 《Enhances the Grip》 NON-SLIP KEYCAPS enhances the grip when typing keys by attaching a fabric with exquisite cushioning that enhances the grip to the surface of the keys.
  • 《The Distinguishability of Keys》 In addition to increasing the grip during key input, the difference in feel with keys that are not attached can also enhance the distinguishability of keys.
  • 《Product Details》 Compatible models: VK200C, VK200T, VK200S, VK300C, VK300T, VK300S, VK210C, VK210T, VK210S, VK310C, VK310T, VK310S. Contents: Non-Slip Keycaps (for 43 keys on the left side of the keyboard), cleaning cloth