Save Space

Ditch the clutter and elevate your workspace. Swap the chaos of multiple devices for a sleek, all-in-one tool. Streamline your editing needs and boost productivity with a minimalist desk setup.




Efficiency is key

Gain hours of work with optimized actions

Twist, Tilt and Click

Effortlessly control all the functions with dynamic 'twist,' 'tilt,' and 'click' actions. Intuitively manage tasks like zooming, rotation, and brush size for illustrators, or sequence and audio track control for video creators.

Automation in One-Click

This function lets you record and execute complex processes with a single action, like 'adding effects' in After Effects or 'creating multiple layers' in Clip Studio Paint.

Trusted Across Industries

Professional Creators Rave About This Product

Jason Horley

Concept Art Artist for Harry Potter Series and Star Wars

You will be able to assign keyboard short cut to quite customizable, so that mean you can assign many different features into one small device.
That’s interesting to trail this device O2 devices have no more keyboard on my left hand just have a device my left hand. Therefore, I think over time this O2 become second nature.

Valeria Meng

Video Artist for iTunes Festival and Formula One

I want to say it make my work style elegant in terms of body posture straighter and healthier, in addition more concentration for creative work.
I am really looking for it how it’s going to develop, and I am looking for it, and see how it’s going to improve my work flow.

Nick Lyons

Motion Graphic Designer for Ready Player One

I very much enjoyed working with the O2 device I found it very easy to get my hockey set up assigned different kind movement of motion and go through 3D programs it was easy to set up the camera movement, different macros.
I found it all over very intuitive and very flexible which was really good experience.

Ambrogio Bergamaschi

Motion Graphic Designer for Ready Player One

It became very natural almost like a extension of what you normally do. One of the good things about O2 is fact don’t have to take your hands off as much as you do with keyboard you can really it’s almost like different keyboard really in your palm.
I definitely see it pottencial this type of devices do almost take cover, spend established past.