About Us

A Global Leader In Innovation

ELECOM is a Japanese consumer goods company with a simple mission: create quality products that deliver the most comfort and convenience for its customers.
Founded in 1986 in Osaka, Japan, ELECOM quickly became a pioneer in the global consumer electronics industry. With a track record boasting some of the most innovative yet accessible products ever created, ELECOM has consistently raised the standards of excellence for technology products.
ELECOM believes that the quality of its products, alongside its dedication to its customers and employees, can create a lasting impact for U.S. consumers and bring an unprecedented category of quality and cost-effective offerings to the marketplace. 
ELECOM is best known for its modern design, especially with mice and trackballs. ELECOM controls a large percentage of the market share in Japan in various product categories and has won the Good Design Award more than 150 times and the IF Design Award 66 times.  
In 2022, ELECOM USA was established in California and currently sells direct-to-consumer through their Amazon Store.