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Chromebooks are the perfect laptop for people on the go.  For students or working professionals in need of instant mobile productivity, a Chromebook is a great budget-friendly choice instead of a full Windows or MACOS laptop.

From surfing the internet, playing cloud-based games, or performing daily office tasks such as editing spreadsheets, pdfs, or presentations, a Chromebook may be the perfect device for you.

However, Chromebooks do have some drawbacks. 

Here's why you should look into A Shiro Chan keyboard.

1. Light & Compact Design

Shiro Chan Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards are thin and easy to carry around.  Weighing only a pound, you can easily pack your Shiro Chan keyboard in your laptop bag or sleeve, along with your Chromebook.

2. ChromeOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigating will be a breeze with 11 Chrome keyboard shortcuts located on the top of your keyboard!

Chrome Shortcuts: Back, Refresh, Screenshot, Brightness Up / Down, Volume Up / Down, Mute, Full Screen Mode, Lock, Launch Button, Windows Switcher

3. Perfect for Data-Entry & Number Crunching

Shiro Chan keyboards come with a full sized Ten-key layout, and short-travel actuation keys.  You can enter data for days since our keyboards cause less strain on your fingers.


Shiro Chan keyboards are compatible with Windows OS too!  Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

How to Turn On/Off Number Lock

To access NumLock and switch between arrows keys and the number keypad, simply load the On-Screen Keyboard App by typing on the Search Bar.

Once the app is loaded, click ‘Options’ located on the bottom right of the keyboard.

Click ‘Turn on numeric keypad’ to show the keypad on the layout.

Once the NumLock button is visible, just toggle on and off.


Launch Key Replaces the Windows Key

Although the keyboard layout is better suited for ChromeOS, you can still pair it with any Windows PC device.  There are a few differences however.  For instance, the launch key replaces the windows key

No Fn Keys—No Problem!

You might have noticed that all Chromebooks do not use Fn Keys.  For Windows users, this might be a huge drawback for professionals who use specific Fn key shortcuts for work to boost productivity.  If Fn keys are needed, you can easily replace specific shortcut keys and map Fn keys of your choice using Microsoft’s PowerToys.

You can find the application link here



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