Ergonomic Trackball Angle Adjuster

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  • Custom tilt stand for trackball mouse that sticks directly to your mouse to reduce the burden on your hands and wrists by adjusting the tilt to fit your posture
  • The stand comes with 3 types of stand (small height 10mm), medium (height 15mm), and large (height 22mm)
  • Mix and match different sizes and adjust the position to apply to your desired angle
  • The tip of the stand is made of silicone material that is not easy to scratch your desk
  • The base of the mouse stand is made of polycarbonate material so it is stable to operate. Includes 6 adhesive tape for installation. Once the adhesive tape is removed, it cannot be used again. The adhesive tape takes about a day to achieve maximum adhesion, so please do not apply a lot of force until then